A HIIT routine that we can do in our hotel room and without material

If you are from this last group of people, in this article we show you a high-intensity interval training so you can do it in the hotel room itself and without worrying about the material.

Training design

The training format we will choose will be for a time, that is, we must perform the exercises and repetitions provided as quickly as possible. You can challenge your friends or family to see who is able to do it faster.


The training consists of three, four or five rounds of the following exercises and repetitions:

  • 20 mountain climbers
  • 30 push-ups
  • 40 dead bugs (20 with one hand and 20 with the other)
  • 50 air squats

The total number of rounds will be chosen by us based on our level. The rest time is administered by us, the only thing to keep in mind is that when you finish a round, you immediately start again for the first exercise. If you want to rest then, do it, if you have another strategy to manage your performance, it is also lawful.

Mountain climbers

The mountain climber adds a large cardiovascular component to a spine stabilization exercise. Basically, we could say that the mountain climber consists of an iron to which we add a destabilization component alternating the support points of the feet.

The basic iron is an anti-extension exercise, that is, we must activate our core control the moment of extension that is imposed on our column. By alternating the points of support of the feet, this moment grows so we must pay more attention to this aspect.


To correctly do push-ups we must choose a surface as for regular as possible, and place our body as if it were aboard. If we were seen from above our elbows should form an angle of about 45 degrees to our body, that is, it is a mistake to open the elbows up to 90 degrees.

In addition, the push-ups are also an anti-spine extension exercise so we must not forget to activate the core so that our pelvis does not collapse during the movement.

Dead bugs

The dead bug is an anti-extension exercise in which we must prevent our spine from spreading. We need to first master the exercise with our body weight and then add a load.

Air squats

The squat is the exercise that best represents the dominant knee exercises.

With the arms extended to the front, we begin the movement by driving the hips back and swinging the weight towards our heels. When we reach the appropriate depth beyond 90º of knee flexion, we begin the concentric phase by contracting our quadriceps and buttocks and returning to the initial position.

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