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Amazing Frog? Review


Amy Morton / 30 Sep 2020

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Amazing Frog? game is an open world sandbox with crazy physics and old-school visuals. Fayju hasn't finished this parkour game yet, the release date is unknown. It's available on all popular platforms, new updates are coming out every now and then. However, it's mostly bug fixes and little changes.

As Fun As You Make It: 4

This Amazing Frog? review wouldn't be complete without mentioning modes. The game is as fun as people make it. The Amazing Frod? game inspired players to develop expansions and mods to add new features. This is an open world, and you have to set goals for yourself and find ways to have fun.

Amazing Frog? parkour game revolves around a story of a frog that lives in Swindon. It's a little town with dark secrets. You need to solve simple puzzles and save the day. However, wacky physics will make the task pretty challenging. Since the Amazing Frog? release date is unknown, more features can appear in the future.

Old-fashioned 3D: 3

3D games have a troubled history, especially regarding camera angles. Amazing Frog? system requirements allow it to play on any device, but its visuals are lacking. As a sandbox game, it requires real graphics. Of course, "real" shouldn't be taken literally. Amazing Frog? game size is quite big, and it's full of bulky items. Have a look at the screenshots before playing the game, because this is a what-you-see-is-what-you-get situation.

Meant to be inconvenient: 4

Amazing Frog? gameplay is wacky, and the controls are the same. It's done on purpose, just to make your experience more playful. Amazing Frog? full game encourages players to invent their own challenges and mini-games. Developers added lots of nonsense, varied environments, many fun characters, missions, and frogs. Amazing Frog? unblocked endless fun for many people who love its crazy control, but some people just can't get used to it.

Fun and exciting

Amazing Frog? is a funny game about a loony frog that is friends with even crazier characters. You can play it alone or together with your friend for added fun. Don't expect any guidance – you should find your own ways to have fun and start trouble.

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