A Killer Selection of Top Android Games

The Pokémon Go: A Colossal Discovery event is already over, and right now the franchise is having its first ever evolution-themed event. With new raid bosses and research tasks, fans will get the chance to encounter special Pokémon and earn lots of rewards. But if you are tired of playing Pokémon Go, we have a list of some excellent titles to kill your time with. So without further ado, let’s check our list to help you pull out the gems from the dross. Some of these Android games will have a free sticker on the Google Play Store, and some might require an in-app purchase to unlock full features, but we promise that these games offer an amazing touchscreen experience.

We have covered the best games available on Google Play Store that are actually worth spending your time right now:

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty has been faithfully recreated with the same speed and precision for the touchscreen, and we will go so far to say that this syringe of unfiltered, finest single-player first-person-shooter will hit straight in your jugular. The mobile version is the master cut of the series’ console multiplayer and sets the new benchmark for this genre. Playing on your Android smartphone, you will be surprised that it has all the popular game modes, maps from Black Ops and Modern Warfare, a silky smooth frame rate, graphically challenging environments dripping with action, and weapons with their signature sound effects and animations. The game, however, uses on-screen touch controls instead of controller support, so players will have two virtual joysticks with few buttons to control the action. Custom loadouts, cosmetic awards, rankings, killstreaks, amazing graphics, and player and weapon skins all combine to make this game one of the finest FPS experience on mobile.


Tropico game screenshot

Tropico is an island-governing simulator that has finally arrived on Android devices. If you are wondering if paying around $12 is really worth our simple answer is, yes. In our view, the interface is really crisp and suitable for the smaller screen, and the game quality is outstanding. Performance-wise, such as zooming and panning around, the game feels great on touch too, and we loved how the audio design—soundtracks and voice acting complement each other. Tropico has been the long-running simulator series where gamers will play the role of a governor of a gorgeous Caribbean island, and their main goal is to stay in power as “El Presidente”. Being the Governor, you will serve up directives to appease and manage your people. As you are not rolling on the dough, you will also need to figure out how to have things in place like ways to attract tourists, manufacture things or sell profit crops to make more money. Tropico is known for its amazing construction and management mechanics with a dollop of politics added into the mix. The paid full version game comes with no ads or in-app purchases and can be played offline.

Mini Metro

Mini Metro

Mini Metro is not just simply about metro aesthetics, commuters, and subways, it is also a management puzzler. This Zen subway building game where you will be required to craft efficient subway maps with the objective to keep things run smoothly is thrilling and soothing at the same time. Most of the time, you will be manipulating tracks to transport resources or optimizing under tight limits. With no control over the stations’ locations, they are just popping up now and again, and you need to pull the lines with your finger to keep everything connected. You are also in charge of the expansion of the transit system and add new carriages to keep up with the demand. An ideal game for touch, Mini Metro offers 20 cities to play and gives you a chance to create a great metro network. It is an incredibly satisfying game that is well worth the price, including various modes allowing you to play solo or compete with other gamers in daily challenges.

Madden NFL Mobile Football

Madden NFL Mobile Football game screenshot

Football is undoubtedly America’s favorite pastime. With so many fans, most Football games are not always great, but Madden NFL is one of those games that are as great as the real deal. It reigns supreme among other competitors as it is the official NFL game on mobile and features actual Football mechanics. You will play as the general manager and head coach, so you get to line up, call plays, run around, make passes, and guide your team to achieve gridiron greatness. With easy controls and great graphics, the latest edition includes a redesigned GM mode. The game has leaderboards, weekend tournaments, and features real NFL rosters and legends in days of yesteryear. It’s a great way to kill some time until those freemium elements creep in. Overall, it is a decent game for football fans.

Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends is a futuristic FPS with role-playing and MMO (massively multiplayer online) elements. The story is pretty much similar to its predecessors—Shadowgun and Shadowgun Deadzone where a group of soldiers is trying to save mankind by killing aliens. There is some difference in the gameplay as it is modified to have the nostalgic vibe of Halo, N.O.V.A, and Destiny. Unlike the previous parts that were only third-person-shooter (TPS), Shadowgun Legends is TPS and also got the extraordinary FPS experience to it. If you are tired of playing games that require you to shoot anything appearing in front of you, Shadowgun Legends is not going to disappoint you as it is an FPS, RPG, and MMO game all in one. Players will begin every task from a hub, a magnificent place that has a casino, bar, armor, and weapon shops. They will start off their missions, co-op quests, PvP, and other contests to loot gear and exchange it to buy more gear and make progress on their fame path. Shadowgun Legends is definitely the most advanced shooter on the Android Play store right now, and with amazing graphics and well-thought-out gameplay, it has set the bar very high for similar Android games.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley game screenshot

Stardew Valley is a pixel art farming simulator with easy controls and simple game mechanics that translate quite well to the touch screen. However, this open-world RPG gets wild really fast. The game gives players amazing freedom to develop their farms and characters as they arrive in Pelican Town to take over their inherited land. The game is huge and offers great fun with crop and resource management. You can also choose to enhance your character’s skills with other activities such as fishing or woodwork, or lean away from these activities to take on the world where you will socialize with other people in the town, make friends, and get married. The game also offers a typical combat-based RPG quest with many challenges and dungeons. This game will certainly grip you with its cyclical gameplay; it is pure escapism in video game format with that “just one more day” play feel that makes it the best Android game on the go.


Oceanhorn game screenshot

The story of the Zelda-inspired Oceanhorn may not seem unusual, but its controls are intuitive right from the start. The game is visually stunning, refreshing, and nostalgic with solid gameplay that pulls you straight into its depth. This premium action-adventure video game features stirring music, enticing puzzles, adventures with illogical solutions, dungeons, monsters, journeys between towns and islands, piles of treasure and magic. The story of this RPG begins strongly enough where the player will set out on a top-down perspective sea voyage across different isolated tropical islands in search of his missing father and take down the bad Oceanhorn himself.

Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends game screenshot

Dragon Ball series are considered one of the most accessible manga or anime fighting games the world has ever played. The new mobile title based on popular anime series-Dragon Ball Legends offers the best of both worlds as it is a fusion of the past with new content. The new mobile Dragon Ball title is comprehensive in terms of the gameplay experience and sets you on fighting through different battles and collect characters and abilities. Players will have different modes, missions and training to earn more items and EXP (experience), but the story and Event modes are the meat of the game. Dragon Ball Legends adopts a portrait aspect, making it easy for fans to play the game on the road.

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 game screenshot

Real Racing 3 is undoubtedly the best sim racer released on Android smartphones. The game adopts a freemium model but still holds the crown of the best auto-racing series with real-world cars like Aston Martin, Ford, Ferrari, and others. Players will have the most realistic racing experience with amazing graphics and tight controls. The game illustrates the great attention to detail in the vehicles line-up; every car is different in terms of its top speed, grip on the road, acceleration, and deceleration which we feel is pretty accurate and satisfying when you play it on your phones. The game features many events, cross-platform multiplayer, and a variety of assist and control options to help gamers get more comfortable. The use of absolute gorgeous real-world vehicles and tracks further enhances the quality of the racing experience, but it is somehow hampered with in-app purchases and ads.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a splendid and most successful battle royale game ever landed on Google Play Store. This FPS juggernaut features a comprehensive roster of ammo with console-quality graphics and sounds. With enhanced loot density, frame rate, and stability, PUBG mobile version is more focused on mid and close-range battles. Players will skydive down to Erangel Island with only one mission-Kill, and scavenge what they can. Every player takes on the battle with 99 other players, but only one will survive to claim victory. The controls of the mobile version are a bit clumsy but will feel fluid once you get used to them. We are sure that its massive battle maps with different sizes, terrain, weather, etc., tense shooting and realistic ballistics will suck you right in.

What's Your Favorite?

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