Ghost of Tsushima: Top Side-Quests of The Game

This game offers an open-world environment where you have to complete various quests. There are various categories for those missions that are named after to their importance. For example, Gold missions are the essential storyline of Jin. There are also two additional types of quests (White and Blue) where you can find side-missions. We are going to describe some of them in a more detailed way.

Unfinished business

This quest is about sneaking through Azamo Bay. You are to fight your way through Mongol troops. Once you complete this one, you need to free some elders that are captured by the Mongols. This mission is divided into several parts as the region includes various locations where you need to liberate elders and engage in a battle with small squads of Mongols.

Quests from Sensei Ishikawa

This is another side-story that you can complete when playing this game. It is based on the plot of Tomoe, who was taken a position in a Mongol army. This quest includes nine missions where you are going to hunt Mongol bowmen. This storyline includes all the locations of Tsushima.

Quests of Lady Masako

This is another storyline where you can learn more about other characters of the game. Quests of Lady Masako start when most of the Samurai are killed. During this quest, you need to get back to Komoda Beach where the remnants of those Samurai are still lying. This is one of the dozens of sinister moments that will accompany you during your travel through this quest.

Lady Masako will tell you her story. You will learn that her relatives were killed by the Mongols. As you may guess, you are going to revenge for her tortured family. However, this is not the main task you will do. There are many twists and surprises that you will find in this world. And all those surprises turn around Lady Masako. This quest includes nine levels. You are to travel through three locations of Tsushima.

The Art of Seeing

This bunch of missions is offered by Yuriko. This old woman cared for the protagonist when he was small. She will give you some important prizes when you complete the tasks. These are ones of those few moments when you don’t need to kill anyone. You will need to take the time to hear what she says to you.

Apart from those quests we have described previously, there are some interesting missions that will give you some important items. For example, you can get a special weapon that will allow you to zoom in. Another quest will give you the ability to aim better. Some other smaller quests will allow you to hit the enemy harder even if they have large-sized shields.

There is another interesting mission where you will duel Kojiro. However, before you will be able to face him, you will need to fight with his disciples. The game is full of various secrets and surprises that you will discover while moving towards the end of your adventures.

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