The Servers of Disintegration Will Be Closed in November, Less than Six Month after The Game Release

The developers of Disintegration, a shooter released earlier this year, have decided to add some interesting things to the game but they failed to find enough fans. This led to the shut down of the multiplayer, which worked for less than five months since the initial game coming out.

The game has a very interesting idea. You are playing as a starship pilot, a robot with an integrated human brain. According to the dev team, they have made a very tough decision to shut down multiplayer servers as there is a lack of fans there. This closure will be done in stages across all the platforms the game is available for. The final date of the servers shutdown is currently set on November 17.

As for the singleplayer campaign, it will be unaffected by those steps. According to the devs and the publishers who have made a collective statement, there was an interest in the singleplayer mode while players remained cold to the multiplayer. This is the main reason why we will be unable to play the game’s multiplayer mode in the nearest future.

disintegration game screenshot

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