Top Sports Video Games to Watch

What is the best way to distract yourself when staying at home? There are plenty of ways to spend your time and video games are one of the most interesting ones. If you are a fan of sports, you can play various thematic games where you will be able to manage your preferable teams. Let’s look at the most popular sports games ever.

Fifa Series

This one in on the top if you like a game that is called soccer in the US and football in the rest of the world. Fifa is definitely one of the best soccer games ever. Great graphics, great gameplay, great physics, great everything.

Fifa’s developers add something interesting to each part of the game that comes out each year. Moreover, you can manage licensed clubs and play licensed leagues, which adds interest to the game. The gamers are offered up to three major leagues for the majority of championships including MLS (the US and Canada).

fifa wallpaper


This is a direct Fifa competitor, which offers an alternative point of view to the electronic soccer games. We can state that there are two of them currently – Fifa and PES that are fighting for the crown of the best soccer simulator ever. PES has significantly fewer licenses but this game has great physics, which is maybe even better than Fifa’s one. Apart from physics, PES can boast beautiful graphics, which is another advantage of this game.

pes 2020 wallpaper

Madden NFL

This one is for all fans of American football. You are going to manage a team from the NFL league. Buy and sell players, choose tactics, apply your strategies. You can also play matches, choosing tactics for every single situation. NFL is available for consoles and PCs. You can use a gamepad as it will improve your gaming experience. Madden NFL offers beautiful realistic graphics and great gameplay. No need to say that you will feel like you are a coach of your team with all those multiple tools for managing each smallest detail of the club.

madden nfl wallpaper


This one is for all fans of hockey. Here you are offered nice gameplay and beautiful graphics. Everything is real including skating, shooting, and bodychecking. Take one of the NHL teams to lead it to the Stanley Cup.

This game includes various strategies that you can apply during the hockey matches. It is also to mention that you can manage players by purchasing and selling some of them. Choose your starting lineup, watch for injuries, look for young talents. NHL offers the freedom of action to all hockey fans. Additionally, you can play the international cup choosing between the best national teams including US and Canada.

nhl 20 screenshot


Have you ever dreamt about driving a NASCAR car? You have such an opportunity when playing the NASCAR Heat game. This is a racing simulator of circuit races where you can choose one of those famous NASCAR teams to start your racing career. This is one of those games where you need a special gamepad called a steering wheel to get into character of a true NASCAR driver.

nascar heat screenshot


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