Eastern Exorcist: The demonic action role-playing game leaves Early Access

Today, July 8, 2021, Wildfire Game and bilibili will release the 2D action role-playing game Eastern Exorcist for PC, thus ending the Early Access that started almost a year ago. On Steam, where the title has received "very positive" reviews from over 3,000 users to date, a Summer Sale discount of 26 percent off the regular retail price is currently still available. A free demo is also available for download.

In Eastern Exorcist, you fight your way as an experienced exorcist through a horizontally scrolling 2D fantasy world with a Far Eastern touch. The makers promise a story with joy and sorrow as well as accurate tactical real-time battles, in which you fight monsters and demons with your sword. The graphics are based on a hand-painted Chinese ink style, while the cutscenes are presented in the style of Chinese operas.