Top News Apps For Android

The information delivered on time is key to success. And nothing serves better as a news courier than your smartphone. It’s easy to get distracted by the hectic tempo of everyday life. So, to make sure you won’t miss any important news, we’ve selected Top 7 Apps that will keep you informed on any topic 24/7.


Twitter — Classic never dies


Twitter was designed to bring the news. Every minute politicians, corporate CEOs, journalists, artists, and whistleblowers bombard the platform with ideas and news. Reuters, the BBC, Kuwait News Agency, NASA, and others have Twitter channels they always update. 

Even presidents and prime ministers don’t shy away from tweeting: Donald Trump, Theresa May, Boris ‘Bumblebee Man’ Johnson, and other influential figures will share their thoughts with you live if you spend a moment to follow their feeds.

Google News — Extra, extra!

Google News

This app researches, gathers, and delivers the hottest headlines of today. From every corner of the world, from every news outlet. Once you find a headline-worthy of your attention, you can research it through the Full Coverage feature. This option provides access to articles on the same topic/event released by different sources. 

Additionally, you can customize the news flow and receive info from your favorite papers, magazines, channels, and so on. At least 1000 of the world’s top outlets cover politics, finances, sports, pop culture, etc.

Feedly — Flexible customization

Feedly app screenshot

Feedly is a perfect replacement for Google Reader. It provides news in the form of RSS feeds. There are hundreds of magazines, newspapers, blogs, tabloids, YouTube, and TV channels you can get reports from. 

Feedly’s best feature is its awesome customization. You can select a roster of news providers who cover themes and topics you are interested in. Once it’s done, RSS feeds with articles, headlines, videos, podcasts, etc., will be delivered to you without any delays. Considering that it’s free, Feedly is the best tool to track the world’s latest trends and fashions.

SmartNews — What’s trending?

SmartNews is a clever app that analyses and aggregates news from 300+ media outlets. It specializes in detecting the world’s latest trends and influences. The pool of sources used by SmartNews includes CNet, BuzzFeed, Reuters, Time, The Huffington Post, and others. It does a good job for a free app and alerts you about sensational events through notifications. 

Pocket — Save it for dessert


Pocket is an app that allows you to store useful articles, blog posts, and links for later. If there’s a whole pile of interesting stuff you want to explore but don’t have much time — save it to Pocket and get back to it whenever you can. 

A curious feature of the app is that it can turn any text into an improvised audio podcast. Use its text-2-speech feature and listen to educational, analytical, or entertaining content in a hand-free mode. Perfect for adepts of multitasking.

Additionally, Pocket can surf the Web for more stuff to read. What’s cool, the articles and media it offers are approved by the app’s users. To exclude low-quality content, they get filtered by Pocket’s curators. The Verge, Harvard Business Review, and other top magazines are on the list. 

Must for Movies & TV — What’s on-air?

Must is a dream app for all movie lovers and TV addicts. It delivers news on the most trending stuff in cinema theaters and on cable. Moreover, it recommends both new and old films based on your preferences.

You can rate, comment, and review flicks you’ve already watched. Your opinion can be shared with your friends via the app. In return, the Must app can inform you what stuff they have been binge-watching lately. To make things comfy, the app provides download links to movies and shows from Google Play.

Flipboard — What’s the story?


Flipboard isn’t just a news aggregator. It’s meant to find captivating stores around every topic possible: music, technology, politics, science, lifestyle, etc. What’s even cooler, with Flipboard, you can design custom magazines from articles, videos, and illustrations. This way, the app can become your personal knowledge database, especially if you’re working on research.

News Blues

Do you use any of the apps from our lucky 7 list? How do you stay tuned? What’s your personal No. 1 news application? Let us know in the comments!