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Caller ID & Block by CallApp review

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Design and Usability – 8/10

Use CallApp Android app for identifying the unknown numbers and keeping unwanted persons at bay. This is a perfect utility app that accomplishes tasks like displaying caller ID, recording calls, saving contact information, phone number lookup, dialer functioning, synchronization with the smartwatch, and much more. The usability of this app is to identify the information pertaining to all the contact numbers on your mobile phone. 

The design of the app is quite attractive and intuitive. The developers have ensured that they render the best possible user experience by designing every detail with perfection. Initially, the functioning of the app may look confusing, but with regular usage, you will get accustomed. 

Key Functions – 9/10

CallApp caller ID app is integrated with numerous functions that simplify your job of identifying persons easily, and assists in accomplishing other tasks as well. The most basic function is to reveal the personal information regarding a number. Whether it’s your friend, a marketing executive, or a spam caller; the app will furnish all the details. 

You can even block unknown numbers so that you don’t receive calls and texts from them in the future. The app flags the spam callers when you get a call from unknown numbers. This feature is beneficial as you can stay away from the unimportant phone calls. 

CallApp allows users to dial numbers from their interface. The intuitive interface is highly interactive and fast to deliver blazing fast experience. Moreover, you can even text your contacts using this application. Update contact information by integrating all social media profiles and email addresses. This way, you can update complete contact information for all the persons.

Security – 9/10

From the security perspective, CallApp is a great utility, and it should be used by everyone. Every day, numerous spam calls are made to dupe people of their money or luring them into a trap. CallApp can be beneficial in identifying these contacts and block them right away without any delay. 

CallApp allows users to record their voice calls. Whether you are communicating via phone or a Bluetooth headset, you can record your voice calls conveniently and that too in different formats. Further, you can keep them safe for future use or share them on social media platforms from the app interface itself. 

User Base: how big is it? 

Since the app is a utility that assists people in identifying all the information behind the contact numbers, it can be considered as a necessity. This is one of the reasons behind the immense success of CallApp Android app. As users can search for the information by either feeding numbers or feeding names, CallApp offers flexibility to users as well. 

Till this date, around 450,000 had vouched for this caller ID app. There have been more than 10 million installs till date. These figures indicate the performance and usefulness of CallApp. 

Why do we recommend this app? 

If you are fed up with all the spam calls on your mobile number, or you want an application that can impart all the functions associated with calling and texting, you should consider CallApp Android app. You can perform calling, texting, blocking, editing, recording, and other functions from a single interface. 

If you want to unleash all the features, you can make in-app purchases. Otherwise, you can simply use it for deciphering exact contact details for a particular number. In both the cases, the app will prove to be useful. 

Design and Usability 8

Key Functions 9

Security 9

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