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Crosswords, often called word puzzles or word games, are a type of word game that consist of a diagram of a grid of letters, a set of blank spaces, and a key of letters that are placed in the spaces for the purpose of solving the puzzle. Crosswords are usually a form of word puzzle.


Crosswords Free is an online game that is played on the website Crosswords Free is very similar to the print version of crossword puzzles, with one major difference. Players are not allowed to write in the puzzle, but are instead provided with a list of words at the top of the puzzle. Players have to fill in the spaces with the appropriate letters to form the hidden word. There are two modes in the game: puzzle mode and blitz mode. Puzzle mode has you play through the game in sequential order, while blitz mode lets you play as many as you want without worrying about the order. The game is set up on a board with a starting square and blank squares that have letters. In the puzzle mode, you have to use the letters on the board to form words in order to complete the puzzle. To create a word, you tap on a letter to enter it into the board. If the letter is on the board already, it changes color when you tap it. In the blitz mode, the player can enter one word after the other to complete the puzzle.


The graphics of Crosswords Free are very simplistic and do not have any bright colors. The background is a black background with a grid of white squares. The letter tiles are also black, with a white letter on them. The words on the list at the top of the puzzle are white and can be seen clearly. This could be due to the fact that the words are written in large font.

Information about replayability

Crosswords Free is a game that is not very replayable because it is ultimately a puzzle and the goal of the player is to complete the puzzle. Once the puzzle has been completed, there is not a whole lot of point to returning to the game.


Crosswords Free is a free and popular crossword puzzle game for Android devices. It is a puzzle game that consists of words that the player has to fill in using the letters provided. The game is played by using the letter tiles to form words on the game board.


  • Is only available online, which can make it difficult to play if you do not have internet access' Can be difficult to play if you don't know a foreign language
  • Can take a long time to solve the puzzle, which can be frustrating for those who play for long periods of time


  • Can be played at any time of the day because it does not require any materials or use of electricity
  • Crosswords are a good way to exercise the brain
  • There are many puzzles that are challenging that adults can enjoy
  • Crosswords can be played with friends
  • Crosswords are a useful tool for people who are trying to learn English
  • Is free
  • Is a good way to pass time

Design and Usability 9

Key Functions 8

Security 10

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