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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Review


Amy Morton / 06 Oct 2020

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Fall Guys game is lacking typical knockout mechanics. It takes a unique spin on a battle royale game, trading weapons and islands for cartoony characters and wacky actions. The release date was in August 2020 and included two platforms: PlayStation 4 and Windows. New updates show up regularly, and more fun is coming out soon.

Dozens of fun mini games: 5

Fall Guys review starts with those fun characters that you get to play. You choose one contestant and compete against 59 players. Each match lasts 15 minutes; Fall Guys game size is tiny. Each level has a clear goal and an understandable mechanic, making it accessible to everyone.

You should fight the obstacles, catch others, roll a fluffy ball and much more. Fall Guys battle royale game has no end, and the winner is the last player standing. Getting shoved out of a level makes everyone laugh. However, as things get closer to the end, everyone seriously wants to win.

Almost like a TV-show: 4

Fall Guys full game looks like a TV show with bright visuals and bouncing jelly characters with a bubbly soundtrack. You will see characters being pushed out of their places and falling off levels, with colorful texts showing how many players have been kicked out. Every message appears in cute boxes with fun captions. You can buy costume components to customize your character (e.g. tops, heads, hats).

The simplest control scheme: 5

The control scheme couldn't get any easier. You can run, dive, grab and jump to navigate the obstacles and survive events. If you get eliminated, you can watch others or start a new round. Each sub-round lasts five minutes, and a full game takes 15 minutes. This rhythm keeps you going and desiring more. Because the game is so quick, it feels accessible. And it is in tune with the battle royale gameplay.

An Absolute Blast

Fall Guys feels fresh and brings many new mechanics to the table. Whether you have 30 minutes to spend on a game or have a game-party with friends, it has you covered. It took the best of battle royale and party games and merged them together.

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