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Fortnite Review


Julie Ellis / 16 Oct 2020

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Fortnite game is a worldwide phenomenon that went from a questionable shooter to the biggest brand in the industry. It is available on many platforms, including MAC, PC, iOS, Android, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The release date was in 2017, and Epic Games has put Fortnite through many changes. This is one of the best battle royale games with new updates coming out every now and then.

Mass online brawl: 5

The Fortnite game started out as a version of Minecraft with cartoony visuals. Fortnite release date back in 2017 was the beginning of something bigger than just another clone. The colorful adventure takes place in a post-apocalyptic world on a forgotten island.

The Fortnite battle royal game has one goal: you need to be the last person standing. Survive longer than other players and take everyone down. Fortnite gameplay is really simple, but the appeal comes from its unique narrative.

Even though it only offers a multiplayer experience, it has a continuously evolving plotline. Fortinte free to play modes allow you to play solo, in squads or bigger teams.

Runs on low-end PCs: 5

Speaking of Fortnite specs, it can work on almost any device you can think of. Due to its simplified visuals and wacky locales, there are minimum system requirements. Fortnite's game size is compact, you can download it on your old laptop and turn down the graphics a bit to get better framerates.

Fortnite full game requires a stable internet connection. Most people have no problems running it on their home networks.

Learning controls is a challenging task: 3

When it comes to controls, Fortnite platforms have different levels of convenience. On PCs, for example, controls are complex. The building mechanic accompanied by the shooting mechanic while surviving on a small map can mess up with your brain a bit. Thankfully, learning to shoot is really easy for those who've played shooters before.

Fortnite iOS and Android versions have crowded interfaces and can feel tedious. The controls are smooth, but they could be positioned better.

Endless fun for free

Fortnite costs nothing. Yes, it's a free multiplayer battle royal with a quirky sense of humor and silly mechanics. Your experience will change depending on when you play the game because Epic Games regularly adds new items and mechanics.

I'd also like to mention in this Fortnite review that there are rounds where you can't win, but you'll come back again because nothing in this game feels unfair. You can jump between online game modes, play alone or with friends, and even customize your character.

You’ll like it if you use:

  • Apex Legends. Once you launch the game, moving through the map is endless fun with its huge skeletons, cliffs, and clusters of buildings;
  • PUBG. Puts you right into the middle of a survival game against 99 players who drop onto a huge map from a large aircraft;
  • Overwatch. This game bursts with character and has a world where every mechanic flourishes.

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