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It’s surprising, but today you can obtain nearly all Microsoft Word features for free and avoid downloading a cumbersome system-demanding application. Google Docs combines essential word processing instruments with a wide range of original tools for online collaboration.

Google Docs is a part of Google’s suite of office apps. It’s the youngest series of office apps on the market, but it has already become the choice of over 1 billion users. Google Docs is a professional word processor with powerful online features that are perfect for team collaboration and file sharing. You can download Google Docs on Google Play or the App Store and use all its features for free.

For All Study Tasks

With Google Docs, you can create neat word documents for any purpose. This app can help you with anything from a short quick essay to book-size coursework with graphs, images, lists, and links. Due to the streamlined file browser powered with Google Drive, you can access all files created in the app from any web browser. Everything you need to make cross-platform sync work is Gmail account credentials. Although Google Docs is initially a web-based service, the mobile app can work offline and upload your data to the cloud automatically as soon as the connection is established. 


Google Docs would be nothing without the integrated Google search. This option lets you research facts and looks for additional information without the need to quit the app. It’s also an excellent way to work with links. 

Flawless Collaboration

Google Docs is the best service for team collaboration on word documents. You can share access to documents with your Gmail contacts in a few taps and simultaneously work with several users. It’s a perfect way to accomplish projects remotely. Due to Google Drive synchronization, all changes are instantly saved and visible for all users in real-time, independently from their device. 

Best Online Processor

Google Docs is the most versatile free word processing solution for work and study that lets you view, create, and edit documents on the go. It’s easily accessible from any device via a web browser or a sleek mobile application. All features of Google Docs are available for free without ads. Google Drive is used as the default cloud storage for documents so that you can access all your files created in the G-Suite in one place. The free cloud provides 15GB for free, which is the most generous offer on the market so far. However, you can still send docs to your Dropbox or any other cloud storage.


  • No night mode and themes
  • Minor formatting bugs


  • Real-time Google Drive backup
  • Convenient online collaboration
  • Built-in Google Search engine
  • Easy sharing with Gmail contacts
  • Works offline

Design and Usability 9

Key Functions 10

Security 9

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