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Google Duo review

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Design and Usability 9/10

Google Duo was made by Google as the mobile app for video calls. While it is considered as an answer for Apple’s FaceTime, the app appeared in the time of high competition among similar apps. The market is overwhelming with apps that offer video calls, including Google’s Hangouts, Facebook’s Messenger, and let’s not forget about the good old Skype. To survive, Google Duo had to offer something unique. And it came up with simple design and intuitive navigation. It does not require tech knowledge. All you need to do is enter your mobile number after downloading and confirm it. The app will ask for access to your address book, so you can call everyone from the list of your contacts.

Key Functions 9/10

Actually, there is no something extremely unusual in this app. However, you may find the functions of Google Duo worth of your attention. Besides the fact that the app is free, you can enjoy:

  • The quality of the video call. You will like it. Google made everything to increase the quality of your call. With a proper Internet connection, you will see your friends and family without any glitches or blurriness.
  • Cross-platform possibilities. You can connect with people who use iPads, iPhones, Android smartphones, and so on. You don’t have to use numerous apps aside from this one.
  • Knock Knock. This is a really pleasant tool, especially if you don’t want to answer the call from unknown account. Check the information about a person who is calling you before you will decide whether you want to pick up this call. And if you don’t like what you see, decline it.
  • Video message. If your friend is offline, but you need to show her/him something special, record it. They will receive your message once they will come online.
  • And audio call. If you don’t like your internet connection or just don’t want to turn on your webcam, that’s ok, make an audio call. Use the app for the good old phone call.

Security 9/10

Google is all about the security of the personal information. Well, we have already seen it in the news. However, they swear that the information that the app is using from your phone does not go anywhere and stay there. They check scam accounts carefully to remove them, and we intend to believe these guys. The app looks even securer than Skype.

User Base: How Big Is It?

In the world full of possibilities, it is not hard to find the service with similar features. However, over 1 billion downloads of this app may point on either great quality or free of charge services. But let’s be serious, the company developer is really trustable, and the app managed to handle for several years without losing its audience.

Why Do We Recommend This App?

This app is still on the surface and looks like it survived the tough competition. Of course, in some later versions of Android phones it may come as in-build option, but would we use it if it was unreliable? The number of 1 billion users speaks for itself.

Design and Usability 9

Key Functions 9

Security 9

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