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Grand Theft Auto V Review


Julie Ellis / 08 Oct 2020

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GTA 5 game is a huge world full of things to do. This sandbox game had a release date in 2013. It was first released for such platforms as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4. The PC version arrived 2 years later. As of now, all updates have been released, nothing else is coming out.

Three Distinctive Characters: 5

The three-character structure is the core of the GTA 5 gameplay. Each character has its own motives. Trevor, for example, is peddling meth at the moment when you meet him. Michael lives in luxury and Franklin is a crook with huge ambitions.

GTA 5 sandbox game lets you switch between characters to make everything more fun. This is a nice GTA 5 update to the classic experience with cut-scenes in high quality. Of course, in order to make the most of the visuals, you need to check GTA 5 system requirements.

Best Video Quality For PC Players: 5

If you have a choice, play the game on the PC. You can download the GTA 5 demo to check the visuals. You get 4K, higher frame rates and video capture with an editing suite. Of course, a PC game won't be complete without modders. There are many epic creations: you can even play as Ironman. GTA 5 game online is also better on the PC.

Play It on a Controller: 5

If you play on a controller, the game will use its speaker, touchpad, and other interactive parts. The light bar can flash different colors when the police are chasing you. The GTA 5 latest version also streams music through the speaker. You can use the touchpad to change radio stations, choose items and check objectives. However, some players say that they mistakenly click on the wrong button in the menu.

Make Incredible Memories

To round off this GTA 5 review, the game is packed with amazing moments, such as getting into a jet, stealing a car or robbing a bank. The more you play, the more incredible events you encounter. The assignments are varied and wild; when you tell yourself that you've seen it all, the game finds a way to surprise you again.

You’ll like it if you use:

  • Saints Row 4. This is a parody-packed action game that pushes the over-the-top premise of a street gang in a series of diverse levels.
  • Watch Dogs 2. It comes with amazing puzzle and hacking mechanics that indicate that you're not playing a mere clone of GTA 5.
  • Just Cause 4. It has a beautiful open world and a dictator with an army that you need to defeat.

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