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Granny review

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Granny is a game in which the player helps a grandmother get back to her house. The player must guide the grandmother through a series of obstacles, such as jumping over gaps, avoiding water, and climbing ladders. There are two modes to the game: adventure mode and time mode. Granny is a point-and-click adventure game about an old lady who has been in the same house for 60 years and is not allowed to leave it. One day, her grandson and granddaughter decide to go and live in their grandmother's house, and they need to get her out of the house.


Adventure mode has the grandmother traveling through a village to get back to her house. The time mode has the grandmother racing against the clock to get back to her house. The player controls the grandson and the granddaughter, who go to a shed to grab a ladder and a flashlight. They then go to the house and use the ladder to climb in through a window. The player can use the flashlight to light the way and look around the house. The player can talk to and interact with the other characters. The player can also click on objects and click on the little arrow at the bottom of the screen to look around the house or pick up objects.


The graphics in Granny are simple, but well-done. The protagonist is a grandmother with a red pointy hat. The obstacles in the game are brightly colored. The graphics are in 3D, and their design is very detailed. The characters and objects are very realistic and lifelike.

Information about replayability

The game is not very replayable because it is all about the story, and there is no choice in the game. There is no replayability because there is no score or timer, and the game is linear.


The player can slide rooms of the house around by clicking on their edges, which are numbered. To move the Granny, the player clicks on the number of the room they want her to be in. For example, if the player wanted the Granny to be in room six, they would click on the number six. The player can also use the arrow keys to move the Granny. The player can also rotate the room by clicking on the green arrow button on the top left of the room. The player can also undo the last move by clicking on the arrow on the top right of the room.


  • It is a point-and-click adventure game
  • The graphics are 3D
  • The design is very detailed
  • The characters and the objects are very realistic and lifelike


  • The game is not very replayable because it is all about the story and there is no choice in the game
  • The game is easy and takes less than an hour to complete
  • The game is not as scary as it could be
  • The game is not very interactive

Graphics and Sound 8

Controls 10

Gameplay 9

Lasting Appeal 8

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