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Hello Neighbor Review


Julie Ellis / 12 Oct 2020

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Hello Neighbor game is about unveiling the secrets your creepy neighbor is hiding. This stealth horror game had a release date back in 2015 when it launched a campaign on Kickstarter. 7 months later it appeared on many platforms, including PC and mobile phones. The game may get a small update in the future, but no more original content will be coming out any time soon.

Piss off your neighbor: 4

Hello Neighbor game puts you in the shoes of a little curious boy. The stealth horror game is about sneaking into the basement of your neighbor and learning his secrets. The unique feature is the neighbor itself, who is controlled by AI. The AI adjusts its tactics and behavior according to your play style.

Hello Neighbor's gameplay is a bit odd. There are lots of things to explore and many ways to avoid the AI. You have enough time to think about puzzles and search for items. At the same time, Hello Neighbor's full game is like one of the 90s point-and-clicks when you had to interact with everything on the screen.

Don't pitch it like a horror game: 3

I'd like to mention in this Hello Neighbor review that some segments in the game are quite successful at presenting horror. The overall game, however, is a bit off. The neighbor sets traps and cameras and learns your routes, but levels aren't well-constructed. This game is sometimes pitched as a horror game, but it's more about awkward puzzles. At times, the dark subject matter and cartoony visuals feel at odds with each other.

Wonky object physics: 3

The control scheme could be better. Hello Neighbor's latest version requires you to hold down a button to pick up an item and then press two more buttons to use or throw it. As you may guess, your character often performs wrong actions. The house feels like a sequence of chambers with blank walls. Stacking items is another problem because the physics are wonky.

Unreleased potential

The cold truth is that the game has a brilliant idea that is poorly signposted. Oftentimes, you solve puzzles by accidentally stumbling on the right button or clicking on the right items. Some players have to watch YouTube videos to light the path. This is neither a horror game nor a puzzler.

You’ll like it if you use:

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  • Outlast. Play as an independent journalist who breaks into the facility for the mentally ill to discover its secrets.

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