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Jitsi Meet Review


Amy Morton / 13 Oct 2020

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Jitsi Meet is an open-source app that's known for its flexibility and novelty. Developers often issue updates and improve different versions of this software, including Jitsi Meet android version. The app has already received numerous awards and participated in the Google Summer of Code program.

Have private conversations with everyone: 5

To kick this Jitsi Meet review off, it has all the basic functions of a video-calling app. You can create a call and invite your friends. If that's not enough, you can create a private server, which boosts your privacy. For most people, though, the basic functions of the Jitsi Meet app would be more than enough.

This software lets you have meetings with up to 75 participants. However, the Jitsi Meet latest version can only handle 35 people without sacrificing the quality. Finally, you can easily live-stream your meetings on YouTube and other streaming services in HD.

Almost like Skype, but better: 5

The app is open-source, so you can easily get the Jitsi Meet apk and change it to your liking. However, it is already good with all important functions available within one click. It looks almost like Skype that you can use without signing any privacy-violating agreements. If you want, you can set a password for your server. Besides, there is a "Raise your hand" function to notify others that you want to speak.

Available on six platforms: 4

There are many versions of the app, such as Jitsi Meet ios, macOS and Windows. Besides, your friends can use their browsers to access meetings and recordings of conversations. To upload a meeting to YouTube, you just click the "share" button. You don't even need a YouTube account for it. Jitsi developers recommend using Chrome, but Firefox works equally well. You can also set a password for a video recording.

Highly secure video-chat tool

Jitsi Meet is a user-friendly app that gives everything for free and doesn't sell your private data. As a little bonus, you don't even need to create any accounts or download the app to join a meeting. Jitsi offers encryption and lots of freedom to app developers.

You’ll like it if you use:

  • Zoom. This is one of the simplest and most capable video-calling tools.
  • Discord. The best app with a real-time conversation feeling for small teams and groups.

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