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Minecraft Review


Amy Morton / 14 Oct 2020

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Minecraft game is an independent title written in an old-school language and drawn with 16-bit colors that confounded the wisdom of video-game critics. This open-world game is nothing like it was after its release date in 2009. It's available on many platforms, including consoles, Windows, and Nintendo Switch. Players are waiting for a new update, which is coming out soon.

The world of blocks is all yours: 5

Minecraft review wouldn't be complete without describing the main mechanics. Players use 1x1 blocks to build houses, mountains, lakes, clouds, and even lava. Minecraft game size is endless; as you go further, you will discover new biomes and environmental regions. You can reach a pit clogged with monsters or a wintry island in this open world game.

Minecraft gameplay is more than just building things. You have to earn everything. Players appear with nothing and have to gather resources and make food. When you craft and build everything you want, you really get a sense of ownership.

The brilliance is in simplicity: 5

Minecraft's full game is about building. It requires very little from you. There are only simple goals; you don't need to build a fortress or go treasure-hunting. Whatever you do is self-motivated, making each round more meaningful. If goal-setting isn't something you do alone, you can play with your friends. Minecraft lets you play online and explore the map together. Players can instantly jump into multiplayer and join many servers.

Streamlined crafting mechanics: 4

PC players assemble items in a grid and experiment with material arrangements to discover new items. Minecraft iOS, Android, and console players can browse every creation and order it. The guesswork was removed, which upset some players. Still, if you want to master everything, you will have to use community tutorials. Minecraft platform layout varies drastically, and you can spend months perfecting a light switch on your phone.

The perfect tool to express yourself

The thrill of unpredictable adventures makes Minecraft exhilarating. This game isn't about achieving goals that game developers prepared for you. Go wild and do anything you want. You can build like a steampunk guru or like a modern architect. Minecraft specs allow you to play on any device you may have.

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  • Roblox. Build anything you want, from massive skyscrapers to castles to bars with DJs and everything in between.

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