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Minecraft review

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Minecraft is a popular educational and creative arcade game developed in a retro style with elements of LEGO design. Playing it, you will be involved in plenty of addictive activities exploring the huge world around made of blocks. There are a lot of possibilities to express yourself, due to constant updates of the title coming with new options and tools.

Graphics 10/10

The game looks very good. You will enjoy its juicy colors and particular visuals that remind the Super Mario. The LEGO elements of various sizes and forms can be used for the construction of any objects. You will find the very diverse possibilities regardless of such simple material. This blocky world is charming with randomly generated landscapes and biomes rich in various plants and animals.

Keep the Events Under Control 10/10

If you have never played games like Minecraft, you will cope with it from the very beginning and without much help as far as there is no detailed tutorial. You can play it on almost any electronic device including console, PC, and your smartphone. 

Be ready for differences in all those versions but the Pocket Edition developed for mobile devices is quite particular. When you use a mobile version, you should know that you will not be able to continue playing on any other appliance.

Gameplay is Brilliant 10/10 

Here you are suggested to navigate a man whose objective is to survive exploring the wild wide world. You will mine resources, hunt, build the houses, fight, and interact with the community. Everything around is made of blocks including the sun and the sky. You are free to choose any of them to mix as you want creating your environment during a day.

At night you should mind your every step because the dangerous monsters and zombies will try to kill you. The challenges become more complicated with every next night. You will progress and enjoy your achievements and bonuses. There are two modes: Survival and Creative – both of them are very engaging and provide you with hours of thrilling adventures.


I know that all players will prove my admiration of this title. It has a unique design, powerful gameplay, high replayability, and strong motivation to continue. It is so catching and beautiful with all its landscapes. One of the biggest reasons contributing to this game is its flexibility of use. You will never get bored with it playing in different ways.

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 10

Gameplay 10

Lasting Appeal 10

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