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Psiphon review

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Design and Usability 9/10

Psiphon is a Free VPN tool that gives you complete access to the open internet while getting around any censorship or restrictions, while keeping you and your data private. With the many limitations on websites in various countries across the world, this free VPN tool allows you to access these sites without keeping a track of what you do online.

The Psiphon app is a great platform allowing you to access the web via your mobile device without blocks. The app is easy to use, quick to operate and comes with a clear-cut, simple design with all its important features on the main screen of the app. 

Key Functions  8/10

The Psiphon app is free to get and compatible with all operating systems, including Android, Windows, and iOS. There is no registration or setup required and no need of any personal information in order to utilize the app.

Each time you would like to access a restricted site or simply browse the web, the app automatically selects appropriate protocols, providing reliable bypassing of blocks and restrictions. The app includes four different tabs that include a home screen, a stats screen, options and a logs screen.

With these options, you can check the amount of traffic you have used, get complete access to the web for your device on the whole, including the apps you have installed by selecting the Tunnel whole device feature in the options tab.

The app comes in a variety of different languages making it easy to use for people all over the world. Geting is also simple via the app and can be done directly from websites onto your device. 

Security 8/10

The Psiphon app utilizes SSH to provide a protected connection to its servers. This mode is efficient enough to bypass most well-known sites that are blocked and restricted by different countries. The website offers SHA1 cryptographic hashes for apps that are installed on Windows operating systems and many Android apps.

Once you get and install the app and are ready to browse, this useful tool automatically changes your DNS settings wherein you are given full access to various different servers. Although this app is designed to provide you with digital access alongside digital privacy and protection, it should not be utilized as a security platform.

User Base: how big is it? 

Widely utilized by users from all platforms including Windows, Android, and iOS, the Psiphon app is free and offers a satisfactory free service, allowing you to get full access to restricted sites with optimal privacy. Owing to it being free to get, the overall user base and number of installs go up to an average of over 50 million.

Considered as one of the best VPN tools available and known for its high rating and credibility, this handy app is growing day by day. There is also a Pro version available that comes at a price and offers a higher speed. This is geted mostly by those who require a VPN for official use. 

Why do we recommend this app? 

The Psiphon app is highly recommended, firstly owing to the fact that it is free to use including all the essential features that are required to bypass blocked sites. Also thanks to its simplified design and outlook and ease of navigation, it offers a quick performance with good speed while browsing.

Unlike other VPN tools, it is available in many languages, hence would be geted and utilized by more people across the globe. Featuring an easy setup and installation, you can get quick access to censored information online without wasting any time. 

Design and Usability 9

Key Functions 8

Security 8

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