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Secret Neighbor Review


Amy Morton / 10 Oct 2020

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Secret Neighbor game is a perfect choice for those who loved the premise of Hello Neighbor but wanted more. This is a hide-and-seek multiplayer game with quick and fun rounds that you can play on PC, consoles, and other platforms. The game had a release date in 2019 and hasn't seen many updates since then. Perhaps, we won't see anything new coming out soon.

Teamwork at its finest: 5

The first thing you see when you open the Secret Neighbor game online is five children that would join you later on. It randomly selects one player to be a neighbor in disguise. You should work together with other kids, find 6 keys, and unlock the basement.

If you play as a neighbor, the house is your playground. This hide-and-seek game lets you use all items to scare and eliminate other players. The neighbor has the most fun with different gadgets and devices to separate kids. For you, the Secret Neighbor gameplay will revolve around protecting your basement.

Bright fun visuals: 4

Secret Neighbor game size is pretty small: you need to hide and run on a tiny map. However, the bright characters and fun visuals make up for the lack of space. The house is a labyrinth of rooms with crazy-cool designs. It's a visual treat with the warped art style. Sound design is distracting, though, because you never know where the noises come from. Despite the sound, it's a fun experience.

Solid controls: 4

I'd like to say in this Secret Neighbor review that the controls are nothing but solid. Throwing and picking up objects, switching between running and making use of special abilities are a breeze. As a neighbor, you can take the form of an item. For example, become a chair, get close to a player, and transform into a villain. It's an amazing trick that makes everyone jump up from their chairs.

Diverse gameplay

Secret Neighbor costs like your average indie game but offers hours of fun for you and your friends. Play out as a group of curious kids trying to destroy their neighbor. As a neighbor, do everything you can to stop other players from succeeding.

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