Shoulder training: some of the most common mistakes we make without just noticing

This simple fact gives us a vision of the number of failures that are made when working different parts of the body . Especially on this occasion, we want to stop in a controversial part, the shoulder.

The shoulder is one of the parts of the body that is most involved in most movements that we carry out when training the different parts of the body. For this reason, it is necessary that we be very cautious when working, and above all, that we try not to make mistakes, since it is a complex articulation that we must strengthen and take care of.

Shoulder morphology and use

It is one of the joints that are most involved in the different movements that we will carry out with the arms. For this reason, it is necessary and very important, that we train it in the proper way to avoid overloads and pain. A strong shoulder is a guarantee when avoiding other derived problems.

We must not forget that the shoulders are formed by an infinity of muscles, mostly small, and many tendons that help us achieve the mobility that this joint gives us. To get an idea, the deltoid is the largest muscle in the shoulder and is considered a small muscle in general. Therefore it is necessary to take into account how far we can get in training.

The shoulders are a joint that intervenes in countless exercises. Therefore, we must work them properly, because they are small muscles that must be well worked

It is always necessary that we know a little the morphology of the muscle groups that we are working on , but in the case of the shoulders, it is even more important to take it into account to know perfectly the work angle and the exercise that we are going to face, to avoid scares and discomfort that can end up paying us a bill.

First of all, it is important that we keep in mind that muscular work and safety must prevail when executing each movement, before the load that we are going to use or the series that we are going to carry out. It is important to keep this in mind when working any muscle in the body, but especially with the shoulders, we must be especially careful with this.

Precisely to prevent this from happening, we need to pay attention when working the shoulder. Above all, it is very important that we avoid making mistakes that sometimes, without realizing it, we carry out. For this, we are going to stop at the main ones we see every day in the training rooms we go to.

Misuse the load, an error that is the basis of a poorly done routine

In the first place, we will stop at one of the main scourges when training. It is the misused cargo. Above all, in the case of the shoulder, as we have seen, the muscles are relatively small, so the level of load that they will be able to lift is not too high and we must take this into account when we perform the different exercises.

Using too much load on the shoulder will cause us to not work well and run the risk of being injured

By using excessive loads, what we will achieve will be to divert the tension of the exercise to other muscle groups. In the case of the shoulder, what we will achieve is that the pectoral or the dorsal part acts. In addition, let’s not forget that we will end up adopting positions that can cause us to eventually incur defects and possible injuries due to poor execution of the movement.

The placement of the arms, necessary to take care of it to work the muscles well

Another common mistake when working shoulder is the placement of the arms. Many people think that they have to be kept completely straight when performing lateral or frontal elevations. Nothing is further from reality since we should not block the arms in any case. Ideally, make a movement as natural as possible.

Placing the elbows slightly bent is important to perform the exercise correctly

In this case, what we will always recommend is to bend the elbows slightly. In this way, what we will achieve is to concentrate the tension on the shoulder muscles more, and not transfer it to the forearm, which is what usually happens when we block the arms. It is important that we take this into account and also the burden will depend on whether we can do it or not.

The movement to be performed is simple since the hands and forearm are simply mere support for the load. At no time should they act when lifting the load? It should be the shoulder muscles that do it. Therefore, the forearms should always go below the elbow in the different lifting movements that we are going to carry out.

Leaning over when lifting the load is a mistake that will affect the back

Leaning over when lifting loads is another mistake we usually make when working shoulder. Especially when we do an exercise with free weight, this is usually one of the most repeated failures. Like the one described above, this error has a lot to do with loading, but it can become a custom that we cannot carry out.

These back balances can be performed laterally or from front to back. Simply, they consist of arching the back to help us when lifting a load. The bad thing about this bad habit is that we divert the tension to the lower back. In addition to reducing the effectiveness of the exercise, what we are going to achieve is to overload the back, increasing the risk of damage.

Balancing when lifting the load, it is evil that many of us commit and that can bring many problems in the long run.

Ideally, first of all, use the appropriate load, in order to avoid rocking. Anyway, what we should avoid is that the trunk goes into action. For this, the concentration of all movements must be on the shoulder, which is the part we want to work on. If we cannot control the balance, it is best that we lean on a wall or sit on a bench to maintain our posture and avoid hurting our backs.

Bowing your back even if we are sitting on a bench is another of the most common mistakes

Something similar happens when we work our shoulders on a bench. Specifically occurs with those known as shoulder press. Well, we can do them with free weight or machine. But we always do them sitting. Despite this, it is no guarantee that the back is not involved in this exercise and therefore affected.

Bowing your back forward when doing shoulder bench training is another of the most common mistakes we make. To avoid this it is necessary that we focus on the back, and above all, that we keep it fully supported in the bank. At the time of sitting, we should never do them without previously resting our entire back on the bench, while keeping the abdominals contracted to reinforce the resistance of this part of the body and avoid arching.

Bowing your back when doing shoulder press is a mistake that will put our lower back in check

In spite of everything, we may still arch our backs. This movement happens as always, due to an excess load. To do this we must use a suitable load trying to concentrate the maximum movement on the shoulders. The back should never be a wild card to lift the load when working shoulder.

Always using a shared load between both shoulders is not the best alternative

Another mistake to take into account when working the shoulder is to always work with a shared load between both shoulders. It is true that there are exercises in which it is necessary for the grip to be shared, but it is always better that we perform the exercises with independent loads on each shoulder in order to work them with the same intensity.

The main problem we have when working with the shared load is that always one shoulder usually carries the singing voice in front of the other. This fact is that one shoulder always ends up having more strength than another, leading to the appearance of imbalances between them. To avoid this, it is best to opt for individual grips and that each shoulder works equally.

It is important to lift the load independently with each shoulder, in order to work both with the same intensity

At first, we probably won’t lift the same load with both shoulders. Therefore, it is important that the shoulder with less force be the one that carries the baton, that is, that the weight we lift with each of them is the one that can lift this. Surely, the one with the most strength will hardly notice it, but as the weaker acquires strength and is equated with the other, we can increase the load. We must always take into account what is described above to avoid defects due to a high load.

Marathon training sessions on the shoulder are not the best alternative to grow

Another mistake we usually make when training shoulder is to do marathon training sessions. As we have commented, the muscles that make up the shoulder are small, and therefore the training should not be the same as we do with other major muscle groups such as the leg, the pectoral or the dorsal.

In this case, we can get hurt if we do too many exercises at a high intensity. Let’s not forget that overloading in an area can end up paying us a bill. Moreover, let’s not forget that the shoulders intervene in infinite movements and exercises indirectly and that in this way we are working on them as well.

It is important not to overtrain the shoulder with too many exercises since it is a muscle group that intervenes in many other exercises

Therefore it is necessary that we be aware of this point. For example, in dorsal routines, the shoulders intervene, as well as when working chest. Therefore, it is recommended that the day we decide to work the shoulder, keep it away from the chest and dorsal routine, in order to let the muscles recover and our performance and performance are better.

The speed of execution of the exercises is another point where we usually fail

The speed of execution of the different movements is usually another error in which many fall when working the shoulder. This error is very close to the first point that has to do with the load. Usually, when we use a lot of loads, the movements we are going to perform are fast and the muscle concentration is much lower.

Ideally, when working the shoulders, especially in the negative phases of return, is that the speed is slow, concentrating all the tension in the muscles of the shoulders. This is very important that we carry out since in this way we will be working better the muscles that make up this muscle group.

The speed of execution of the exercises should be slow to influence the muscles more. Loading is important to get it

In order to perform the movements correctly and make the execution perfect, the idea is to use a load that is appropriate. It is no use loading too much weight and then performing the exercise poorly. We must always keep the shoulder insulated throughout the tour. This implies that we should not arch our backs to propel ourselves with it, and above all, make slow and very concentrated descents.

It is important that we take these points into account when working the shoulder, and we will achieve many better results if we take care to maintain the quality of the exercise. Therefore it is necessary that we follow these marked points and take care not to fall into errors because of the anxiety that is sometimes generated from using more loads and doing the routines quickly and without control.

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