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Sideline 2nd Phone Number review

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Design and Usability – 9/10

It’s always wise to keep your personal and professional life on different platters. Sideline assists you by assigning a different phone number on the same device without the actual need of procuring the number. You can use a virtual contact number for professional purposes along with your personal number in the same smartphone. Sideline app accomplishes this task with perfection. 

As you will be using separate apps for the numbers, it is important to display the information correctly without mingling the details. The minimalistic yet intuitive interface of Sideline fulfills this duty in the most effective manner. There is no clutter, only crucial information displayed on the screen. 

Key Functions – 9/10

As its essential function is to create separate identities for two numbers, the other features revolve around this main aspect only. For the two numbers, you can assign different ringtones, caller ID, notifications, and other information; Sideline app will take care of all the parameters.  

You have the discretion of selecting a custom alternative number that will be used for the professional purpose. You can also use a random combination, but yes, it is better to assign a custom number. And if you already own the second number on another device that you want to integrate with Sideline app, you can do so without any glitches. 

Now the best quality of Sideline, unlike other apps, is that it doesn’t require WiFi network to accomplish certain tasks. It utilizes your existing cellular network to make calls and send text messages, thereby, ascertaining that the voice quality is not compromised at all. 

In addition to these, set up voicemails, autoresponders, VOIP calling, connecting different devices with the same number, and so on. 

Security – 8/10

Now, since it functions over an internet connection and your cellular network, stringent security measures are the need of the hour. You must know that Sideline will access identity information, WiFi settings, contact information, etc. on your device. However, Sideline incorporates all the security measures to prevent data breach or privacy leak. 

Further, when you are operating over WiFi network, ensure that you are connected to a safe network. Sometimes, there are other peers on the same network that might hack information. 

User Base: how big is it? 

The app is relatively a new concept and hence, not much in usage. However, it is gradually building up its base amongst prospective users. For example, this app serves a purpose for the professionals who want to segregate their contact information for effective management. 

Currently, there have been more than 10 million gets so far, and this number is on a steady increase. Further, it has garnered more than 50,000 reviews for its impressive functioning and utility. It has the potential of being the most used app.

Why do we recommend this app? 

Simplifying work at a job is a desirable factor. Sideline app is an effective way of accomplishing this task. Hence, we strongly recommend this app to our users, especially professionals who find it hard to manage their professional and personal life. Since you don’t need to use separate devices, Sideline app is beneficial in simplifying the communication task. 

It has free and premium packages as per the needs of the customers. The premium version allows you to use multiple numbers on a single mobile phone. Further, its wide range of compatibility with Android smartphones facilitates seamless functioning without any glitches. 

Design and Usability 9

Key Functions 9

Security 8

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