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Speedtest.net review

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Speedtest.net is a website that measures the internet speed of your computer. The service is offered by Ookla, a company that specializes in internet software and services. After downloading the small Speedtest.net client for Windows, Mac, or Linux, you can test your connection speed and the upload and download rates. Speedtest.net is a website that measures the download and upload speed between the user's device and a server. Speedtest.net is a great way to assess the performance of one's internet connection and identify any possible issues.


Speedtest.net has a couple of features that are worth mentioning. These include the ability to test the speed of your internet connection, the upload and download rates, and the latency. In addition, the service is offered for free and is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The Speedtest.net website is a simple one-page design that offers users with a simple interface and speed test results. The website is designed for a variety of browsers, including Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Chrome. Speedtest.net has many features to help people test their internet connection and find out which internet providers are the best for them. The website has a map that shows the fastest providers in the different countries around the world. There is also a feature that allows the user to test their internet connection and find out how fast it really is.


Speedtest.net has a rather simple interface. The service is offered in a dark blue color with white text. The interface is divided into a map and a list of computers. The map is used to find the server closest to you, while the list shows the current status of the computers. The design of Speedtest.net is very straightforward and simple. The website is designed with a list of servers for the user to select from and a text box in which the speeds are displayed.

Information about usability

Speedtest.net is very easy to use. There are a few steps that the user needs to follow in order to get accurate readings. Speedtest.net is a website that allows internet users to test their internet speeds via a series of tests. The tests are conducted using a single URL and can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to complete.


Speedtest.net is a site that allows you to test your internet connection. It is a great tool for those that are in the market for a new internet plan. The site is completely free and easy to use. It also has a mobile app.


  • Speedtest.net is only available in English
  • The site doesn't provide other speed tests


  • You can compare your internet speed with other people's in the same area
  • The site is available in many different languages
  • You can share your test results in social media and other sites
  • You can share your test results in an email
  • The site is available as a site you can visit on your browser, or as an app for your phone
  • The site is very easy to use

Design and Usability 9

Key Functions 8

Security 9

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