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SwiftKey Keyboard Review


Julie Ellis / 05 Oct 2020

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SwiftKey Keyboard is one of a few apps that have figured how to turn typing into a pleasurable experience. It takes advantage of touchscreens and swaps your existing keyboard with a smarter one. Over 250 million people have already downloaded the SwiftKey Keyboard apk and simplified their typing.

Helps you get the job done: 5

To kick-start this SwiftKey Keyboard review, this is more than just a typing helper. The app comes with many side-features that change your experience entirely. For example, you can add wallpaper to the keyboard, change the theme, type with your voice, change languages, and much more.

SwiftKey Keyboard app uses AI to collect and analyze your typing patterns, and then uses this data to predict words and give suggestions. Finally, you can change every little detail of your keyboard in settings, animate it, create your own theme, etc. If you choose to analyze your typing patterns, you will view your statistics in a separate menu.

Hassle-free layout: 5

The SwiftKey Keyboard latest version has a hassle-free interface with a predictive system to make typing even easier. It learns phrases that you usually use and pulls data from its library to show you predictive texts. If you're considering the SwiftKey Keyboard install, every button works brilliantly. It is especially useful for people who prefer one-hand typing, even though mastering this technique can take time.

Free for everyone: 5

In the past, SwiftKey Keyboard ios and SwiftKey Keyboard android versions weren't free. However, several years ago the developer made it available for everyone free of charge. Right after that, the app received the "Editor's Choice" status. The only downside is that not all Android phones support the keyboard. If you're an iOS user, you will be able to download the app easily.

Capable, powerful keyboard

The ability to understand your typing patterns and analyze words is what sets SwiftKey Keyboard apart. It's really good at predicting words and even phrases, as well as suggesting the next letter you need to type. If you allow it, the keyboard will learn from your SMS, emails and even social-media posts.

You’ll like it if you use:

  • Gboard. Comes with helpful extras, such as Google's search engine built into it.
  • Fleksy. Has an auto word learning feature that is the best in predictions.

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