Three exercises that help you get the CrossFit pull ups

These ingredients, in addition to the need to perform the time trial exercises, have led to the development of special techniques when executing the basic exercises to be able to accumulate more repetitions in less time.

This is the case of pull-ups or chin CrossFit carried out with a hip extension or Kipping that improves the performance in WODs CrossFit.

Let’s talk about terminology: what are kipping and butterfly pull-ups?

And strict lacks momentum dominated by hip extension, the Kipping and pull-ups butterfly no. This makes strict chokes ideal for gaining strength and muscle mass due to the mechanical stress supported by our muscle tissue, something we already knew. However, this makes them a lousy option if we want to perform at their best in a CrossFit WOD.

In the case of pull-ups with kipping a hip extension is made that allows a more powerful output and energy savings that allows accumulating more repetitions. Thus, the Kipping pull-ups are a better choice for our WODs CrossFit.

Finally, the butterfly pull-ups are the advanced variant of the kipping pull-ups since in the first ones the hip extension is performed cyclically in each repetition which allows doing even more repetitions in less time.

If you want to get the best brands, the butterfly is almost an obligation in WODs including high numbers of reps in this exercise.

How can I get CrossFit taps?

The first objective we must pursue is to be able to perform strict domination. This is because the kipping represents a dynamic load on our shoulders that if we are not prepared correctly can lead to an injury. In addition, the more strict you are able to do, the more dominated with kipping you can accumulate.

Finally, it is also wise to start with strict dominated as they are also prerequisite for running exercises as the muscle-ups.

Box butterfly pull-ups

As we said before, once we are able to perform a few strict domes, we can begin to practice the characteristic movement of the butterfly pull-ups.

In the video, we can see how you can start by supporting one foot in a CrossFit drawer. Although you can start the progression by placing both feet on the drawer, I think it is easier to leave one leg in the air so that it allows us to create inertia.

Reverse bicycle kicks

The next step in the progression is the reverse bicycle kicks. Basically, it consists of practicing the impulse of the hips bringing the knees towards our chest.

Let us keep in mind that what we should practice to a greater extent in our progression towards butterfly pull-ups is cyclic balancing through hip extension because it is understood that we already have a sufficient strength base. This exercise makes us practice precisely this, the impulse with our body that will allow us to place the body in a more favorable position in each repetition.

Strict fall-throughs

This last exercise that we can see from minute 1:07 basically consists of performing eccentric or negative dominated but with the gesture of the butterfly.

Just as this method is useful to gain strength when we want to achieve our first strict domination, it is also useful in this variant of dominated.

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