Your weekly diet: healthy vegan menu without gluten

Vegan and gluten-free weekly menu

Using only vegetable ingredients and eliminating from the diet wheat, oats, barley, and rye as well as everything that contains it, we can reach a menu that provides us with all the nutrients that our body needs.

We can go to food combinations to improve the absorption of nutrients or the quality of them and so, our great allies will be legumes and whole grains without gluten such as quinoa, rice, millet and the like.

Fruits and vegetables can abound in our usual diet and usual replacements for meats in vegan diets such as textured soybeans or other derivatives of this legume will also be welcome.

To help you in the planning of a gluten-free vegan menu , we leave our weekly diet with recipes included below;


BREAKFAST Tea or coffee and corn muffins with olive oil and tomato.
MIDMORNING Bowl of soy milk with sliced ​​banana and chopped almonds.
FOOD Rice and legumes salad. Apricot
SNACK Milkshake, kale, and spinach.
DINNER Lentils with textured bolognese soy sauce. Nectarine


BREAKFAST Glass of almond milk with sweet potato toast with avocado and tomato
MIDMORNING Glass of soy milk with fresh cherries and a handful of sunflower seeds.
FOOD Rice noodles with sautéed tofu and pepper. Cantaloupe
SNACK Tea or coffee with rice crackers with peanut butter without TACC.
DINNER Quinoa salad with zucchini, olives, jalapeños, and flaxseed. Plum


BREAKFAST Bowl of soy milk with quinoa in flakes and sliced ​​banana
MIDMORNING Roasted pumpkin seeds or seeds.
FOOD Vegetarian chili that we can accompany with rice if we wish. Peach
SNACK Tea or coffee with rice crackers with tofu.
DINNER Rice and lentil burgers with fresh vegetable salad. Watermelon


BREAKFAST A glass of soy milk with chickpea flour crepes with fresh cheese.
MIDMORNING A bowl of almond milk with sliced ​​banana and chopped nuts.
FOOD Sweet rice with chard and potatoes. Fresh cherries
SNACK Creamy chocolate and avocado.
DINNER Quick sauteed tofu and kale with sesame. Apricot


BREAKFAST Vegan red fruit yogurt with unsweetened cornflakes.
MIDMORNING Soy milk and banana milkshake with cherries.
FOOD Spirals of lentil paste with paprika tofu. Cantaloupe
SNACK Tea or coffee with rice toast with peanut butter or tahini.
DINNER Azuki beans with vegetable cream, rice, and miso. Plum


BREAKFAST Smoothie with horchata flavor tofu with rice flakes and chopped nuts.
MIDMORNING A bowl of soy or coconut milk with sliced ​​peaches and sunflower seeds.
FOOD Quinoa salad with beluga lentils and crispy vegetables. Pineapple slices
SNACK Tea or coffee with rice or corn toast with avocado and tomato.
DINNER Sautéed broccoli, squash, and tofu. Nectarines


BREAKFAST Quinoa with apple and cinnamon with vegetable milk of choice.
MIDMORNING Spicy chickpea.
FOOD Sauteed brown rice, lentils, and vegetables. Apricot
SNACK Tea or coffee with rice toast with olive oil and tomato
DINNER Roasted chickpea salad with millet. Mango

To take advantage of this weekly menu, we recommend that you always adapt the recipes, portions and other characteristics of this diet to the characteristics of each consumer.

Also, for greater safety, we recommend observing the label of each product or food chosen to ensure the absence of gluten inside when cooking.

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